About Us

Meet SLA THE LABEL, the brainchild of influential fashion blogger and designer, Sarah Ashcroft. Founded in 2019 with a fierce vision and a passion for empowering women through fashion, SLA THE LABEL is a premium occasion and ready-to-wear brand specialising in clothes to make memories in.
With an emphasis on timeless designs and luxurious fabrics, SLA offers pieces that go beyond fleeting trends, allowing our customers to make lasting fashion statements with pieces that will remain in your wardrobes for years to come.
Each creation reflects Sarah's own personal style and her commitment to bringing out the best in everyone who wears SLA THE LABEL.


As a brand committed to a greener future, we are continually striving to minimise our environmental impact. We are dedicated to responsible sourcing of materials and ethical production practices, ensuring that our creations are not only timeless but also mindful of the planet we call home. Our collections are small and created in limited runs so as to create as little waste as possible

SLA also actively participates in charitable collaborations, to make a positive impact beyond the world of fashion. We are very proud of our ongoing partnership with the British Heart Foundation.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Originality and quality is at the heart of everything we do. From the selection of fabrics to the craftsmanship of our garments, we take pride in creating exquisite pieces that exude quality and will be in your wardrobe forever.

Join the SLA Community:

Our brand is a space where you can explore your style and embrace your uniqueness and joy of dressing with confidence.


Thank you for choosing SLA. We look forward to being a part of your style story.
With Love,